Fire Remediation Companies

Serving Brooklyn and the surrounding areas, this fire remediation company provides restoration services to residential and commercial clients. It cleans and repairs structures affected by flood, storm, mold, lead, and asbestos. Its technicians perform inspection, water damage repair, and fire damage restoration. They also remove soot and smoke odor from the air and surfaces, and deodorize them. Its services are available 24/7.

The first step in fire damage restoration is cleaning up. During this process, the fire remediation team wipes down floors and walls, as well as all contents. They may also use a dry chemical to eliminate odors and prevent corrosion. They might also remove soiled drywall to inspect the frame. The team may also use a wet vacuum or truck-mounted extractor to remove excess water from the property.

After the cleaning phase, the fire remediation team will put tarps over roofs to prevent weather damage. They will also secure entry points to the building, such as windows and doors. They will inspect the home for structural damage and look for signs of mold, mildew, and rot.

When choosing a fire remediation company, you should consider its response time and scheduling. A rapid response is critical because the first few hours can make a difference in what is recoverable after a disaster. The company should also provide you with a full schedule of work before beginning its efforts. The schedule should include detailed steps and estimated completion times. fire remediation companies

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